Chhat Puja

Flavours of Chhat Puja

Chhat Puja

Chhat Puja is the most popular festival of Bihar dedicated to Sun God ☀☀.

The word Chhath denotes the number six as it commences on the sixth day from Amavasya (Diwali).Chhat requires an observance of fast without water for more than 24 hours

The Parvaitin (one who observes the parv/puja) follows strict rules and segregation from the main household for two days and is also supposed to carry the ritual of bathing in the holy water of Ganges only.

Nahaye-Khaye – On the first day of Chhat, the parvaitin takes the holy bath and cooks a proper meal without onion and garlic. Her fast begins after the meal and is only broken on the next evening.


Kharna – On the second day of the festival, the parvaitin cooks the prasad on her own that includes kheer and chapattis. She breaks her fast with this prasad and the leftovers are distributed as prasad to all friends and families.


Pehla Arghya  The two day fast begins, on the third day of the puja. The parvaitin along with the devotees, walk to the Ghats to offer Arghya to the setting sun. The Arghya is an offering of milk and gangajal.Since Chhat is celebrated in winters, it is mighty difficult for the parvaitins and devotees alike to stand waist deep in the chilly waters of the river and offer Arghya. It is believed that one who observes Chhat must not wear anything stitched. Hence, most parvaitins  just drape a sari around them!

Pehla Arghya

Doosra Arghya – The journey towards the Ghats begins again early morning on the fourth day.The entire Ghat is decorated with terracotta lamps and canopies of sugar-cane stalks where the devotees keep their soops (baskets). The morning Arghya is offered again to the rising sun with hymns and folk songs, praying to the Sun god to ward off evil and dark spirits and enlighten the world with sanctity and goodness.

Doosra Arghya

On your way to the Ghats, you will most likely get a chance to see some devotees who do not walk on foot! Yes, there are some who roll on their backs all the way from their house to the Ghats.

Going to Ghats

Chhat Puja is not just a festival, it’s a carnival of joy and love blended with devotion and holiness that brings families and friends together.

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