Kanya Pujan

Kanya Puja – The Process & Reason Of Performing Kanya Puja

The tradition of Kanjak Puja or Kanya Puja is also an important feature of Navratri. At the time of Puja, the girl is considered to be an avatar of NavaDurga on earth and worshipped.

The devotees invite girls at homes and offer ‘bhog’. The faith is that Goddess Durga, who is worshipped in nine avatars during Navratri, gets pleased by `Kanya Pujan’.

Why Kanya Puja is performed?

Do you know why people perform Kanya puja? Our sacred books say that every human has a God within but provided the human should have innocence and purity. Children are the purest form of human beings as they have no evil emotions instilled. It is believed that praying a human would get faster results than praying the God himself.

Names of Goddess represent Nine Girls

Kanya puja ritual celebrated on the eighth and ninth day of Navratri. The nine names of the Goddesses; the nine girls represented as:-

1. Kumarika

2. Trimurti

3. Kalyani

4. Rohini

5. Kali

6. Chandika

7. Shanbhavi

8. Durga

9. Subhadra

Kanya Puja Vidhi and Rituals

Halwa,Poori & Channa

  1. Wash the feet of the nine little girls
  2. Then give clothes and gifts
  3. The girls are made to sit on special pedestal
  4. Perform aarti on them
  5. Tilak, rice grains and vermilion put on them
  6. Then they offered food and water. The meal mainly comprises chana, puri, and halwa, prepared in ghee.
  7. Women devotees touch their feet with respect and give them gifts.
  8. There is also a practice of giving clothes or money before sending them.

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