GAYASUR-the demon Gaya


In the monstrance, there was a terrible demon one by one. But just as the lotus blooms in the mud, in the same way, there was also a monster called Gai in the category of devotees Prahalad, Bali etc.

Gai was immersed in devotion from birth. His body was very large. Once he decided to do penance and did a severe penance for Srihari for 1000 years. Fearing the effects of his tenacity, Indra Dev reached Brahma and asked him to resolve it. Then Brahmadev took all of them to Lord Shiva.

Gayasur immersed in devotion

Mahadev told him that if any person meditates, he gets his fruits. As it is, Gaysur is doing penance for Lord Vishnu, so we should ask Narayana for his remedy. Then Mahadev reached Lord Vishnu with Brahma and other gods.  

After this, Shrihari appeared to Gaiasur and asked him why he was doing such intense penance?

Then Gaiasur told him that he was doing penance only for his darshan.

Seeing his truthfulness, Shrihari was very happy and asked him to ask for any boon.

Now Gaiasur started thinking about what blessings he would ask of him. He was always worried about the welfare of the living. He thought that if he could become the means of liberation of all living beings, then it would bring great welfare to all.

Thinking this, Gaiasur said to Lord Vishnu – I have no craving for anything other than your darshan, but if you want to give me a boon, then give this boon that any living being can attain salvation.

Lord Vishnu granted him the same boon.

 Now Gaiasur’s glory has increased even more. Any creature who could see him went straight to Vaikuntha. Due to this, Yampuri became empty and the balance of the universe deteriorated. Sinful men now started to have no fear that they would get salvation once they saw Gyaasura. There was distress in the world. The boon that Gaiasur had asked for the welfare of the creatures became a curse for the creatures.

Seeing this, all the gods reached the shelter of Srihari and told him that due to his boon, Gaiasur is getting salvation to the whole world. Achieving salvation is difficult even for the gods themselves, but because of your boon, even the wicked and the sinners are attaining salvation only by seeing Gyaasura. Now you please save us from this chaos.

 Hearing the plea of the Gods, Shrihari Vishnu went to Brahmadev and asked him to do a great yajna for the welfare of the world and ask his body from Gaiasura for the land of that yagna. In this way, the blessing that Gaiasur has asked for the good of the world, which is actually causing imbalance in the world, the world will get freedom from it.

 Hearing this, Brahmadev reached Gaiasura. When Gaiasur found the Brahmadev in front of himself, he offered him obeisance and said – “O God, what is the reason that you yourself Appeared before? ” Hearing this, Brahmadev said to him – “O Bhakteshrestha! Shrihari wishes that there should be a yajna on earth like it has never happened before today, nor can it be done after today. He also wishes that I perform that yagya myself. But there is a problem in that sacrificial fire, which only you can overcome. That’s why I have come to you today. “

Then Gaiasur asked Brahmadev – But what is the problem there? You tell me, I will do my best to solve that problem. “

Then Brahmadev said – “Gyaasura! The problem is that according to Srihari, that yajna should be done on a land which is the most sacred in the world. From that, no human, nor god, nor Gandharva nor any perfect Maharishi is there. . I want a land for the Yajna that by just looking at it, the human will be freed from the cycle of life and death. The virtue of that land is such that by which all the creatures can go directly to Vaikuntha. “

 Hearing this, Gaiasur was surprised and after thinking a lot he said – With the blessings of Shrihari himself, whoever visits my body is liberated. Therefore, I dedicate my body myself to the land of that sacrifice.  

Then Brahmadev said – “O Gaya Sasura! You are truly superior among the devotees.

 After Brahmadev asked for his body for donation, GayaSur fell on the earth. Brahmadev started the yajna that Gayaasura’s huge body started shaking.

 Then Brahmadev produced 40 Ritvijas with his glory and asked him to sit on Gaya’s body. According to his orders, he sat on the body of 40 Ritvij Gayaasur, but still his body kept moving. Now Brahmadev asked all the gods to be seated on the body of Gaiasur so that his body could be stable, but even after all the gods were enthroned, the body of Gaiasur, especially the head, kept moving.

 Then Brahmadev said to Dharmaraja that the great rock which you have kept in your world, which is really your daughter Dharmavrata, take it and place it on the head of GayaSur. But that religion continued to move with that very sacred rock.

 Now Brahmadeva sought help from Lord Vishnu. Then Srihari revealed an idol of his own form and asked him to place it on GayaSur. Even the idol Vishnu rupee did not stop moving even when that idol was placed on GayaSur. Then Lord Vishnu finally asked Mahadev for help. Then Maheshwar said that Tridev himself is situated on this asura, only then it can be stable.

Then Brahma sat in GayaSura in his five forms . Srihari, in his three forms, sat on Gyaasur. In the end, Lord Shankar with one of his forms seated on the body of Gaiasura.

Then Srihari placed his mace on the head of the religious place placed on the head of Gaiasur and fixed it. For this reason, Lord Vishnu also got a name Gadadhar.

Then Gaiasur said – “O Shrihari! I received a boon from you too. I have already donated my body to Lord Brahma for the sacrifice. Then why are you torturing me with my huge mace in this way?” When I can renounce everything, can I not be stable only on your orders? If you, Brahmadev or Mahadev, give me permission only once, then I will become stable. “

 Hearing his words, Tridev was very happy and ordered him to settle down. Then Gayasur became stable according to his command. Pleased with his devotion, he asked the trinity to ask him a boon. Then Gaiasur said – “O God! If you are pleased with me, then grant me this boon that till the creation remains, you Tridev should be on me. May this great shrine be known in my name. All the gods on me stay here in idol And at this place, the one who worships with right heart may attain salvation. “

 Then the trinity gave him such a boon.

Even today, whoever worships with true devotion in the best of the pilgrimages in the pilgrimages receives the blessings of all the deities including the trinity.

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