Only mother can do selfless love and service on this earth and no one else. She can flow her love. If God has to incarnate on earth, then he takes shelter of mother’s womb. She is the beginning of creation , she is the guardian of the universe and also the end of the universe. We exist because of our mothers, we pay our respect to such affection of a mother.

A drop of mother’s loveliness is sweeter than a nectar of sea. Mother’s heart is a treasury of mercy. If you burn it, only the fragrance of mercy comes out of it. If you paste it, the juice of mercy comes out. She gives , even the cruel past-times of misfortune cannot tarnish that serene and clean source. We cannot be free from her debt if we worship her throughout our life. There is no alternate of mother.

One who cannot be given a metaphor is mother. One who has no boundaries is the mother, one whose love-leaves don’t fall-off is mother. The first step towards attaining God is the mother.It is impossible for anyone defying the first foothill and achieve the God. By disregarding a mother and counting thousands of maala-japp , we shall attain to the God, this is a very distant fantasy. Mother’s heart is deeper than the ocean , higher than the Himalayan mountains, larger than the infinite sky and more tolerant than the earth.She has been given the best position.

The glory of the mother will never diminish.

It is said that God cannot be physically everywhere, so he created mother.

  • Mother and Father have tears twice in their eyes. Daughter’s farewell time and the time when parents are removed from the house by son.
  • Lifting one kilo of something a day hurts your hands, so, before torturing your mother, think how she raised you in the stomach for 9 months.
  • The day you make your parents cry, all your holy deeds flow away with their tears.
  • Offering chunari to Mother Goddess in the temple and making your mother cry in the house ; this will not please the Goddess of the temple, rather it will make her angry.
  • Hey Son ! Your parents could not count the number of times of chanting and charity they have done for your birth, many wishes have been made to see your face, from the birth till you grow up, so that the shadow of sorrows don’t fall on you. All this is beyond your imagination.
  • 8 years of childhood, parents who took you to school by holding your finger, its your duty to take those parents to the temple as a support in old age.
  • When you were young, you used to make your bed wet again and again, then your mother let you sleep in dry and used to sleep in wet bed herself. She used to get up for you, feed you by being hungry herself. Don’t let your mother burn and shed tears.
  • Those who do not handle their parents in old age will one day lose their good fortune.
  • The Mother whom her five sons never felt heavy, today she is becoming heavy in their five houses for their sons, who would consider Bharat as the land of Shravan Kumar of the past.
  • No matter how much you worship or go to pilgrimage, but if you neglect the parents ,then everything is useless for you. There is no doubt that someone who rejects his parents, will stumble one day.
  • The parents should never have to say that they live with their son. Rather, the son should say that I live with my parents.
  • Mother! Earlier tears used to come before remembering you and now I miss you and tears come afterwards.
  • “How are you, dear mother?” She gets everything by being asked this much.
  • Those sons who keep their parents in the old age home, just think that they did not keep you in orphanage. You are not punishing them for that mistake, are you?
  • Two great tragedies of the world – Home without mother and mother without home.
  • Parents distribute sweets when a son is born, but the same sons whisper so as to divide parents in their youth.. What a pity !
  • Hey young man! Expelling your parents from home who raised you by selling even Mangalsutra, You are starting your life’s unfortunate days.
  • A wife can be obtained by choice , but a mother is earned by virtue. For the one who is obtained by choice, do not reject the one who is earned by virtue.
  • When you took first breath on the earth, your parents were with you. Then you stay with them, when they take their last breath.
  • If your four year old dear son looks forward to your love, why shouldn’t your parents of 50/60 years ask for your love?
  • Do not spread darkness in the life of parents, who brought light in the dark path of your life.
  • Whatever you are today, is because of the Mother.. because she gave birth to you .. Mother is a Goddess .. She did not become a demon by having an abortion.
  • The father is a replica of God. There is no supernatural benefactor like God and cosmic benefactor like father.
  • Are you under the control of your parents OR Are your parents in your control? Are you with your parents or Are your parents with you?
  • The true legacy of parents is not money and offereings, but authenticity and purity. They gave birth to you and grew you up. This is their biggest benefaction.
  • Mother gives home and father gives experiences of the world outside home.
  • Remember that the behaviour you do to your parents will be treated the same way by your children.
  • When parents are alive, you never take care care of them.

When parents pass away, you call a condolence meeting , print the name in newspapers, decorate their photos, lit the lamp etc. O Son shedding tears, who will recognize these tears of crocodile?

By Satyanarayan

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