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Blogpreneur – Preeti Prabha

Preeti Prabha is the Founder of Laundry Cafe and Bharat Parv. Preeti has experience working in the IT space for 4 years in various domains. She worked as a Remote Support Specialist for IBM’s Control Desk and as a QA Engineer at Infotech India Pvt. Ltd. Preeti began her entrepreneurial journey with Laundry Cafe, a Bangalore-based chain of Laundromats, before starting Bharat Parv. Currently, apart from running her venture, Preeti also dedicates her time to volunteering for Teach for India. She received her BS in Computer Science from Visvesvaraya Technological University (Bangalore) and her MBA from Sikkim University (Gangtok).

I have been blogging for 4 years but very few actually know my entire blogging journey. My blogging journey says all about what I tried and what mistakes I made.If you are  a new blogger, I hope this helps you feel better about your journey. And you can learn from my mistakes so you don’t make the same.

My first blog was a literal playground for me.I posted  whatever I wanted. LinkedIn gave me platform to write.Due to my writings, my followers increased and that motivated me to write more and more.

Now I also write for websites on entrepreneurship and festivals. Every bloggers’s journey is different.We start with different ideas and go through different phases.Also, most bloggers don’t do amazing right from the start and it’s okay! Don’t worry about writing perfect content right from the start.It will improve slowly.

Product marketing, Entrepreneurship, Festivals, Education, however we can take new opportunities also. 

These are our charges & terms and conditions.

  •  After mutual understanding on work, 50% advance payment to start the work.
  •  Advance payments are non-refundable once agreed & paid.
  •  We charge INR 5000 + Tax per Article/Blog.

Note: Requirements should not be in zip file. You can share in text or over online drive.

  • Featuring your blog on our website would provide significant exposure.
  • You have the freedom to share on social media platforms, allowing for increased visibility and potential for virality.
  • No need to pay extra for storage and hosting.
  • No need of pay extra for maintenance and minor charges for blog for complete one year.
  • You have the comment section to interact with all your stakeholders.
  • Digital payments options.

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Preeti Prabha
Preeti Prabha
May 25, 2023 4:33 pm